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The way you feel, affects the way you think; the way you think, affects the way you feel; they both affect the way you move. - Tony Blauer


PDR THE HAGUE is an official affiliate of Tony Blauer and Blauer Tactical Systems. Tony Blauer has conducted research into the field of violence and self-defence for over 30 years. Having worked exclusively with Police and Military for years, he is now dedicated to make everyone safer through his PDR program.

Using the flinch response of the human brain and body, providing the most effective response to an unexpected action, is the basis of this SPEAR based self-defence system. This way of thinking and moving, connects seamlessly with the various martial arts or self-defence techniques like Krav Maga but also without any knowledge of martial arts, this technique is extremely user friendly and effective.

PDR is based on how the human brain and body co-operate in the most effective way. Tony's groundbreaking research combined with his Cycle of Behaviour, his studies on anxiety and fear and his no-nonsense practical examples make it possible for anyone, regardless of age, strength and background, to provide a more secure existence themselves and their loved ones.

For more information on Tony Blauer / Spear / PDR and CrossfitSPEAR check our links. For more information about what PDR THE HAGUE can do for you, look at our classes.

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The ability to protect yourself or a loved one is inarguably, the single greatest skill you could possess

- Tony Blauer

Our classes are based on:



Detect to avoid:

This begins with the observation of situations, situational awareness and learning to see everything. We often look but do not see things, we "ignore" all because of our "ego". "That will never happen to me!" is a common phrase among victims.

At PDR, three important "I" 's will be discussed. If you follow both your Instinct and Intuition properly, you will have an intelligent plan.

The important thing is that all this happens in your between your ears. You already make a plan in your head how to deal with threatening situations. For example in the evening walking through an alley or if you should go to an ATM; it might be more convenient to choose a different route or find an ATM in a "secure" location.

Combining Instinct, Intuition and Intelligent in any situation and you're secure! That is detect to avoid.



Defuse or De-escalate:

What can prevent an undesirable situation if you're prepared? Assume a non-threatening posture, tone down your language and try to create a negative spiral of violence. What is the advantage of this technique? You have your hands in a better position if the situation escalates, bystanders see and hear that you do your best to prevent the confrontation. This can also help with any lawsuit or police report.

To approach someone respectfully in situations such as in busy traffic, in a bar or on the street could ensure that no fight occurs. Prevention rather than cure. Our ego prevents us too often here, especially for men, this could be a problem.




3 T's: Tools, Target and Tactics. Everything in your body can be used as a "tool". Every part of your opponent can be seen as "target". Once tools and targets interact, you become tactical!

The SPEAR system uses your human flinch response and converts it into a tactical plan of attack.

You cannot win a street situation, it's all about survival. Self defence in a PDR class does not mean hitting and punching, it is the prevention of a battle, to use action to defeat action, the survival of the first 2 seconds before the fight takes place.



When Tony Blauer started teaching self defence 30 years ago, SPEAR didn't even exist. It is an evolution of his research and a combination of multiple studies for more than 30 years. The acronym stands for Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response and means that action is always faster than reaction, but this system will give you the fastest possible way of reacting to the action. SPEAR is focused on the tasks of Police and Army in the field of violence and ontrol in (extra)ordinary conditions using guns, knives and arrest techniques.

Combining the psychological, physical and emotional aspects, the system tries give tools to the man who is faced with a sudden attack. PDR THE HAGUE can provide SPEAR training but only to police and military clients. For more information contact us.


Personal Defense Readiness

PDR stands for Personal Defence Readiness. It is the civilian version of Tony Blauer's SPEAR system, it contains all the elements of SPEAR but it is more focused on using it in a street environment. PDR is a realistic way of dealing with street violence. On the street you see no perfect martial arts or boxing punches, confrontations happen suddenly. How to prevent them, and if needed, how to survive.

Using your mind and body, dealing with anxiety and preparation, and being comfortable with violence could mean the difference between life and worse. The self-confidence that you will build may be enough for the bad guys to be considered an uninteresting victim. The chance that they will be caught or worse, they suffer pain itself is a good deterrent!

See you soon at one of our classes!

Our Instructors

Babak Javid

PDR and SPEAR Coach

Babak Javid is a 4th Dan Master Instructor in Tang Soo Do and came into contact with Tony Blauer and the SPEAR system back in 2006. With his martial arts background, he was surprised how logical and well put together his system was. So he decided he needed more information.

Various SPEAR courses, a CrossFit Defence course, hosting two seminars in the Netherlands and the BTS eight days seminar in Las Vegas in 2016 later, the idea of providing PDR courses in the Netherlands was born. Babak is now full time involved with PDR THE HAGUE.





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Just started training martial arts and father of one little girl and one on the way. "What can I do if ..." he wondered and so he went to a SPEAR course with Babak.

After various SPEAR courses, a CrossFit Defence course, hosting a seminar twice in the Netherlands. Planning to do a PDR course and now part time instructor for PDR THE HAGUE.





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